Friday, April 9, 2010

Farrah's 1st haircut!

I have been talking to my hairdresser for a while about trimming Farrah's hair but wasn't really sure when to. Randy assured me that I needed to get it cut very soon that way all the baby fuzz would be gone and he promised it would grow thicker and longer way faster.

This morning I loaded Farrah in the car and we headed to see Randy. Once Farrah sat in the actual chair she lost it! She was crying so hard and had real tears but Randy worked his magic and she finally calmed down for him to cut her hair. He did such a great job with Farrah, we was gentle and very fast. She looks like a big girl with her first hair cut!

Randy made it all better! He gave her some candy and the tears stopped...she cracks me up.

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The Louders said...

How did i miss this?! And how did I not notice her haircut on Sunday? UGH! :) I was too focused on the fact that she cried every time I passed the nursery.