Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We are truely blessed!!

I was talking to some friends yesterday and was telling them that it amazes me how eight years of heart ache can all be gone in two seconds. I can't give this little girl enough kisses and her daddy can't get enough of her either!!
Yesterday I was thinking about when I wanted to get Farrah's newborn pictures done. I was thinking what a wonderful gift idea. If I was a photographer that would be a great gift for a new mommy. That afternoon Abby texted me and said that her sister wanted to give me a photo session for Farrah as a gift!! I was sooooo excited. God has just truly blessed me and the blessings keep coming. This Saturday is the baby shower. I didn't think I knew that many people but after I got the list it was over 75 people. And these are ladies that have had a very important part of my life. God just reminded me how truly blessed I am and He has put so many incredible women in my path and they have ALL walked through this with us. Thank you God for amazing friends and family.

Well it's time to feed Farrah again and off to bed so I can get two to three hours of sleep before she gets hungry again. Thanks again for all your prayers and support.

On a funny note. This Friday or Monday I have to go get blood work for a pregnancy test. I took the clomid this month and find out then if I'm pregnant. How funny would that be!! That really scares me and I think I might throw up if that's true and then I would be excited!! I know God is in control and will not give me anything I can't handle.


Jantz & Ab said...

You are truly blessed!! Isn't God just so awesome?!!! I was just thinking earlier that it was about time for you to do the bloodwork and how crazy that'd be! Well, happy sleeping...and don't stop giving Farrah kisses!!! :)

mandal said...

I told Chad "Just watch...James and Jennifer will probably be pregnant within the next two months!" How fun would that be!!

Watts Family said...

Heath and I were talking about how y'all will probably get pregnant now. I know of too many couples that adopt and then turn around and turn up pregnant. I would probably throw up as well, but then call me, and we can jump up and down and scream with excitment.

That is great about pictures. I was thinking about calling Maggie about Madison's 1 year pics. She is so good.

sarah said...

Congratulations Fortners! I am so happy for you and can not wait to see more pictures of your beautiful baby. What a great story of God's will and faithfulness is our lives. What a great story for Farrah to tell one day. Have fun being parents!