Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

I love being a mommy!! It's hard to believe that Farrah is 2 weeks old already. She is the best baby!! She sleeps about four to five hours every night. She has had one fussy day and it still wasn't all that bad. She did however throw up all over herself and me. James got to come home for lunch that day and give her a bath. That same day she gave James a really bad diaper. She had poop from her waist all the way down to her ankles...we did learn that Huggies do not work as well as Pampers. I enjoy my 2am feedings with her. She looks at me with those big eyes and just smiles. That girl can melt my heart in 2 seconds!! When I'm exhausted all she has to do is just smile and I'm a goner. Of course the smiles aren't real it's probably just gas but I love them anyway!! And she has changed so much in two weeks. She looks so different! She has gain a whole pound!! Her little face is really starting to fill out. She actually has cheeks! She loves her thumb, which I try to replace with her pacifier. I told James that I can throw away her pacifier but I can't throw her thumb away!! I hope I win this small battle but she is putting up a good fight.

This last Saturday we had her first shower in Lubbock and it was amazing!! We are truly blessed with all our friends and family. I don't think I've ever seen so much pink! We are still working on her nursery and getting it organized. I did receive gift cards that added up to enough to buy her dresser, so I'm VERY excited about that!! When I get her nursery done I promise I will post pictures.

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Kelli Archer said...

You guys absolutely amaze me! Who knew this time last month that you would be getting up at 2:00a.m. to feed your daughter? God certainly did! You are obviously incredible parents. God is so good!

Fortner said...

We are so happy for y'all. Farrah is beautiful and very lucky to have y'all as parents. Your faith amazes me and I know that you will be raising this child in a loving, Christian home. God bless your growing family.