Monday, April 6, 2009

Picture Time!!

We had Farrah's newborn pics done a couple of weeks ago and they are amazing!! I tried to post some of the proofs but they are blocked where I can't post them. Sorry!! There are so many great one's and will be hard to choose.

I'm looking at these beautiful pictures and it just amazes me how God's grace is so amazing. We are truly honored that God chose us to be Farrah's mommy and daddy. We get so many comments on how Farrah looks just like us. God has had His hand on her from the very beginning and we are blessed by this sweet angel.

She has discovered so many things this week. She found Roo. Every time Roo is close enough she just watches her and is amazed by her. Roo is not far from Farrah at all. I think she will be protective of Farrah. Every time Farrah cries she just goes and stands by her. Farrah has found her hands and is pretty funny to watch. She can't quite figure out how to control them though. She often hits her self in face and then she tries to put them in her mouth. She is smiling like crazy. She is so close to laughing...I can't wait to hear that for the first time.

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Hall-a-days said...

Oh the three Fortners! How sweet it is to see and feel the joys of these little moments with you!