Friday, May 11, 2012

Sometimes you just have to play in the rain....

We have had some wonderful rain this week! We have had the worst drought season we've ever had and it is now coming to an end...thank goodness! Last year drought was so bad and we had a record year of grass fires and dirt storms.
Today we are happy it's raining and its that good rain where there's no thunder and lightning. Farrah' is so funny when we get a thunder storm. She hears the thunder and we try to show her the lightning and at first she wasn't to sure what was going on. Then we could see her wheels turning and she said "Lightning McQueen is coming to our house!!! Where's Mac?" It's the funniest thing! She is convinced that Lightning McQueen and Mac are coming....sweet girl!!
For Farrah's birthday, mom had gotten her a pair of rainboots and a raincoat. Farrah has be itiching to wear it and we finally got a day with rain with no thundering and lightning. We ran our errands dressed with our rainboots and umbrella's. Farrah was so excited to walk in her boots through all the puddles.
When we finally got home I promised her we would go play in the rain and we had a blast! She splashed and ran in the puddles and was just overjoyed! She was so fun to watch play and it brought back so many memories of my childhood. Playing in the rain is one of my favorite memories as a child.
Farrah just melted my heart in the car yesterday. She said "Thank you God for this rain..Amen!" Made this momma's heart proud that my girl was thanking and praising God!

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