Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Months!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! These past three months have flown by! Farrah is getting so big and doing just great! She is doing so many fun thing right now.

What Farrah is up to these day's

1. She is still sleeping all the way through the night!! Thank you Jesus! He knew we needed a baby that like to sleep just like her mommy and daddy do!

2. She is still smiling a ton!! Every time you look at her she just has the biggest smile. Talk about melt your heart!!

3. She loves her daddy!! When James comes home for lunch or from work at the end of the day she gets so excited to see him. She starts kicking her legs and smiles at the sound of his voice. And her daddy is CRAZY about her!

4. Farrah has found her feet!! She can't quite figure out how to grab them yet but she puts them in the air and looks at them. She can play with her toys with her feet. Any toy that makes noise she is kicking.

5. Probably my favorite is that she has to have her hands full! She always has two hand fulls of her blanket, burp cloth, toys or my fingers. I love just watching her!

6. She is learning to put herself to sleep during the day. This has not been that much fun but she has to learn!!

She is changing so much everyday! And getting so big. She weighs 10.14 pounds and 24inches long. I took her to the doctor this week for a ruptured right eardrum. Even her doctor got emotional on how fast she is growing. I catch myself just watching her and I just fall more in love with her everyday!

Baby girl we are so proud of you and are so blessed that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy. You have totally changed our lives and we couldn't be happier!! We love you more then you will ever know!

Happy 3 months!! (Notice her hands...two hand fulls of her shorts)


Watts Family said...

I love me some Farrah Nichole! She is such a sweetie. She has blessed some many lives and she is only 3 months old. I can only imagine the impact she will have!!!

Jennifer said...

She is the cutest!!! Loving the big bows:)I can't believe it's been 3 months already! Time flies when you are gauging it by little ones! They are always full of new discoveries! I love it! You and James are such a blessing to watch with her! God is so good! Your lives radiate His goodness!

bm-beaver said...

Jenn, she is precious! I love to read all the little things she is doing (brings back memories of when my boys were babies - sniff,sniff)! I too LOVE the big bows and her "I Love Daddy" outfit!!! What a blessed little family you are!!! Love ya!