Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Official!!!!

What a big day!! We had Farrah's adoption hearing this morning and what an exciting time. I had no clue what to expect but it was very cool. Farrah got a little fussy during the process...and all I could think about was if I could just stand and bounce her she will go to sleep but then I didn't if I could do that or not so I didn't. And then the judge looks us at us and tells Farrah "I'm hurrying". Whoops!! Sorry for the fussy baby, but in Farrah's defense this was still her sleepy time. I had to wake her up to get to the courthouse by 8:30am. So it is now official!! To say this feels so weird...from day one it was official to me so to sit there and be told that you don't have to worry anymore. I never worried about Farrah's birth parents coming back. It sounds weird but it's God's grace!! I asked James what he felt today and he feels the same as I do. It was emotional though. I can't remember what all our lawyer asked but I remember her asking me if I though of Farrah as my own...and absolutely!!

Every time I try to find words to express our hearts about Farrah and I still can't find the words! We are truly blessed and so loved from all of our friends and family!!

Judge Judy Parker. It was really cool to have her as our judge. Her Daughter plays on our niece Quinn's softball team. So she knew our family and had some really great words for us.

Our family coming to celebrate with us. This is not even close to half our family. We had two rows full with just our family and friends. There are only six rows in the courtroom!!

Two of my favorite ladies!!

After it was all over they took us down to sign all the paper work and they gave Farrah a teddy bear to remember this day. I know that we will NEVER forget this day!!


G & H said...

Hi I came over from Kelly's Korner Blog and congrats! We are just starting adoption and I am nervous excited and scared! What a beautiful little girl you have and I would love to if you could share your expirience!

please feel free to visit my blog as well at

Jenn Possible said...

Mazel Tov Jennifer! So absolutely fabulous!!!! I'm really excited for your family!

I have to ask the man in the uniform PART of your family...or was the Baliff just trying to hit on someone in your family???

Paige said...

awww- congratulations on your sweet girl! I came to check out her room through kellys korner and saw your court picture- I went to Tech and used to babysit for Judge Judy!! Small world!

mandal said...

What an awesome day! So happy for y'all!

bm-beaver said...

CONGRATS Jenn! I am SO happy for you and James. Farrah is a VERY lucky - um let's change that to BLESSED - little girl!

On another note, the post here from Paige (who came from Kelly's Korner)...that's my cousin!!! Small world indeed!!!

Karl and Liz said...

love love love.......happily ever forward......