Monday, August 11, 2014

Ladies Football Camp!

This was the second year a group of friends and I attended the Kingsbury Football Clinic.  I can not even describe how much fun we have at this clinic!  It's a night of laughing and just plain fun!  There are about 300 ladies who attend this camp and it sells out fast!

We start with dinner and some football 101.  The coaches talked about offensive plays, defensive plays and special teams.  To tell you the truth I don't think the ladies were really all that into the football 101 we just wanted to start the tour and get on the field and run drills.  This is seriously the best part of the camp!

We toured the facility that held the locker room, training room, weight room and the film room.  We started out in the film room with Q&A.  This was just random questions asked to some of the football players.  Questions like "What is your major?" to "How much food do you eat?"  It was funny some of the questions that were asked.

After that we headed to the weight room.  This is one of my favorite stations.  They break us up into groups and do some fun workout stations.  One station we were doing push-ups another station we were doing air squats.  This part was so funny!  They had 80's rock music playing and all the ladies are singing and dancing and the coaches are just watching us and shaking their heads.  One of the coaches told us that they only play the 80's music station once a year and its for the ladies camp...haha!!

After the weight room we headed to the locker room and they showed us the uniforms for the season.  They were pretty sweet!  Last year they had a mannequin with one of the uniforms on it so this year when we walked in the same mannequin was standing there with all the gear on and it looked so sharp!  We were standing there waiting for all the ladies to get inside the locker room when all of a sudden that mannequin moved and sent a couple of ladies running and was hilarious!!

After that we headed to the training room and then finally to the stadium.  I can't even describe the feeling I had walking down the tunnel and seeing the stadium from that angle.  It was HUGE!  The coaches had us line up and do some warm up drills and then it was time for the fun part...the drills.  We did passing drills, tackling drills, throwing drills and some defensive drills.  The best part was we were all making fools of ourselves and no one cared!

Kyla against the of the funniest parts of the night!

The mannequin who wasn't a mannequin.

Doing some warm up drills.

Had a BLAST with these ladies!!

Quarter back, Davis Webb after the throwing drills!

Running back, Kenny Williams came and posed with us on the double T!!

On Saturday morning, Chanda, Michaela and I were asked to do an interview about the football clinic.  We were on Sports Talk Radio, the Thetford and Ashby show.  We did this last year and it was so much fun!  

Can't WAIT til next year!!!

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