Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2014

This year Halloween was so much fun!  Farrah chose to me Minnie Mouse this year.  We were kinda glad it wasn't a princess....haha!!  At KDO, they had crazy hair day.  Farrah was not excited about this at all!  She wanted nothing to do with crazy hair day so I talked her into doing pig tails with mismatched bows.

Our church had a trunk or treat Wednesday night so we started there.  Farrah liked going to all the cars but I think she liked the jumpers more.  We were at church for about fifteen minutes before it started raining.  Farrah was able to do all that she wanted to do before it started pouring so that was good for her.  We talked her into hot chocolate and that made us all happy.

After we got home that night Farrah spread out all her candy and started taking inventory.  She is so much like her daddy!!   Farrah was pretty excited about her candy and even more excited to eat it.

On Thursday, we went to some friends house and let Farrah knock on the door....she wasn't so sure about this part.  She liked the candy part but didn't like saying Trick or Treat.  After that we headed to Levelland to my parents church and James' family.

At mom and dad's church they had their trunk or treat but this year they added a petting zoo and it was a big hit!  Farrah liked feeding and petting the animals but she wasn't so sure about the camel.  She actually but food in her hand and fed the camel.  After she fed the camel she said., "I didn't like that!"  I asked her why and she said "Those camels lips were nasty!"  She talked about this all night!

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