Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Soccer....Fall 2013

This Fall, Farrah wanted to play soccer again so we signed up with the same team we were on in the Spring.  Her coach, Chad, is so great with all these girls.  He really pushes them and makes sure they do their best.

In the Spring, it took Farrah a couple of games to figure out soccer.  This season she really excelled!  The very first game we told her that if she scored one goal we would buy her ice cream.  Her response "I want to buy something!"  We told her that she had to score five goals to be able to buy something and she said "Ok."  The very first game she scored six goals, so she got to buy something AND have ice cream.  

Every game her goal was to get five goals and most games she would score five goals and a couple she scored three.  Her last game she had her highest scoring game.....SEVEN GOALS!!!  For the season she scored a total of thirty-one goals!! She had such a blast this season and we were so happy she enjoyed it.  

We were blessed with a team that has such great families.  All the families encourage and cheer on the girls.  The last game we had one little girl who hadn't scored the last two seasons and she scored her very first goal!  All the parents went crazy and cheering for was the sweetest moment!

Our goal is to have this team stay together as long as we can.  We know we will loose one or two but for the most part we really want to stay together as a team.  The best part is all the girls really enjoy each other!  

After the season was over her team met at Main Event for some fun!

So proud of this girl!  

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