Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 365-Week 4

This week has been another fun week!

Monday, Farrah has her KDO. Everyday her teachers let me know how her day went with a little note. This note made me really proud of Farrah!

Tuesday, we got a little bored. James and LaJuana were working and Lance was out of town working so us girls decide to have some fun. I painted toenails and the theme was was so fun!

This week we had the pleasure of meeting the Mustangs! My niece, Quinn is playing softball for Cornado High School. We are so proud of her! She will be playing on both JV and Varsity as a freshman this year!

As most of you know, I LOVE to cook! I also love to organize and this week I typed all my recipes and put them in a binder. It is so much easier to find what I want. I have dividers and everything...I LOVE it! Haha!!

This week we celebrated my friend, Paige's birthday. She loves to read so the theme for her was to give her a book that we had read and loved and then we gave her that book.

We also have a lot of little girls in our group of friends! We had seven little girls there and they range from 5-2 so you can imagine how much fun we have!

Farrah has rediscovered her sunglasses. This girl just makes me smile everyday!!

Another fun week! Looking forward to next week and what adventures it will hold.

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