Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project 365-Week 2

This week has been a crazy week!

Monday, I got a call from Farrah's KDO saying that she was complaining of her ear hurting. So after I took her to the doctor she had a left ear infection. That evening we were at some friends house and before we left I had given Farrah her medicine thinking she would just eat there but she didn't. So while we were there Farrah started getting sick to her stomach and actually got sick there. The rest of the night she sat with her vomit was the most pitiful thing I've ever seen!

Farrah has learned how to carry Roo around...poor Roo!!

We LOVE Japanese food!!

The other day I was reading this blog about lying to your children (making promises and not keeping your promises.) We were at the mall the other day and passed this little carousel. Farrah had asked to ride it and I told her she could on our way out. So we were leaving and we were suppose to meet some family for lunch and we were running late and Farrah looks at me and said "Mommy, the carousel." I wanted to tell her never mind and we were running late but I stopped and let her was only two minutes and she was so happy. It was worth being late to bless my little girl!

This girl LOVES her Oreos!!

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Paige Allen said...

So cute! Glad Farrah is feeling better.