Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project 365-Week 3

This week on project 365 is kinda sad...haha! I would go to bed a couple of nights this week and think, crud I forgot to take a picture today. Oh well!

For some reason this week Farrah has figured out that mommy and daddy's bed is better then her own bed. All I can say is that I agree..haha! This picture was earlier this week. Farrah had woken up way early and instead of fighting with her to stay in bed I just brought her to our bed, I guess you could say I started this (whoops).

We've had some really great weather her lately! When its nice outside I send the kids out to play while they can. I love this picture. You can just hear the giggles coming from Farrah!

We are planning a trip to Dallas and I hate the stroller I have for Farrah. It's this umbrella stroller that kills my back and with having shoulder surgery it was awful to push around so I went and bought a new one. Farrah insisted she be pushed around the house in her new stroller so we took a stroll.

We also had a first as a family which is always fun! James and I took Farrah to a movie. We saw Beauty and the Beast and Farrah loved it. I think I watched her watching the movie the I watched the movie. She was so fun to watch, at one point she was up dancing and was pretty sweet! James also bought her a kiddy pack of popcorn and that girl ate ALL of it by herself. She would not share with her mommy or daddy! (She is her daddy's child when it comes to popcorn!)

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James said...

I still have the "Be Our Guest" song running through my head!