Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas!  This is my favorite time of year.  I love being with family and celebrating Jesus!  This year we had three Christmases.  The Fortner's on Christmas Eve, home with my little family on Christmas day and then Christmas with my family the day after.

On Christmas Eve we loaded the car and headed to Levelland.  It's always so much fun going to the Fortner's for Christmas.  There are five granddaughters on this side so there are lots of giggle and lots of fighting....haha!  Jean's house is always packed with us in there but we love it!  My favorite part is dinner and listening to all the stories of the past of when James and his three brothers were growing up.  It never fails that a new story comes about that we have never heard.  There is always a lot of laughing and teasing with the brothers.

Farrah was and is always spoiled by the Fortner's!  She loves her cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents so much!

 This was the best saying from Farrah all night...She opened her Prince dolls and yelled "I got a man!"

Amy bought the girls BIG bows with their initials on it....Farrah loves it!!

We don't get to see uncle Joel very much but when we do all the girls love messing with him.....I'm pretty sure he likes it to ;-)

After a late night we came home and thankfully we made cookies for Santa the night before, and put cookies out for Santa!

Farrah was so tired that she went right to sleep when she got home.  Santa was pretty tired himself and knew he had an early morning....

Christmas morning we decided to wake Farrah up extra early.  James had to work Christmas day and needed to leave the house by 6:30am.  James went to wake Farrah and she jumped out of bed and ran into the living room.....

It was on after that...haha!  This year James and I decided to cut back on the presents to four gifts.  She got something wanted, something needed, something to read and something to wear.  I was so glad we did this.  She gets so many gifts from both sides of our family and then we have birthday in two months. 

After presents were opened I made a quick breakfast before James headed off to work.

We enjoyed the rest of the day at home and played with new toys.

The day after Christmas we headed back to Levelland to my parents house.

Again, another fun day!  There are more cousins here but these cousins are all older then her.  These cousins pretty much give her anything Farrah wants.....which is not always good.  Haha!

When we arrived to mom and dad's house there was not small was time to open gifts! 

Farrah was so excited she got a wig!  She wears this thing everyday!

Her favorite game....Doc McStuffin Operation.

Every year my Meme makes something homemade for all her great grand kids.  This year Meme made blankets with each kids favorite character/hobby.  Farrah LOVES Minnie and this blanket hasn't missed a nap or bedtime.  Such a sweet blessing!

After presents we ate dinner and laughed and played with all the kids new toys.  This year mom and dad gave the whole family three days at the Great Wolf Lodge!  We were all so excited!  I'll post about that next time....

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