Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Lovin....

We have had a great first week of summer!!  It's been packed full of swimming, friends and birthdays.  There are a lot of pictures so let the fun begin...haha!

Farrah began her summer with her first camping trip with Lula and Poppa to Ruidoso, NM.  Farrah had a blast!  I think Lula and Poppa were exhausted when they got back...haha!  From what I hear, Farrah talked the ENTIRE time!  So glad she got to go this year.

Farrah finished her gymnastics class.  She had a wonderful year....after we dropped the dance part.  Farrah loved her coach, Cici.

Farrah has an obsession with goggles.  Every time I turn around she has them on.  I've tried to hide them but she finds them.

Last week at Capstone CrossFit our coach, Justin's brother came for a visit.  Spencer plays for the New York Giants as Linebacker.  Spencer was so nice and humble.  We also had the pleasure of eating lunch and visiting with him on Sunday.

Speaking of working out.....James and I don't usually work out together because one of us stays home with Farrah.  It was fun getting to workout with James.

This week I celebrated my 35th birthday.  It's been a week of celebrating with family and friends.  On Tuesday, my actual birthday, I went with a group of friends to celebrate another friend graduating from high school.  We went to Painting With a Twist.  I had never been there and we had a blast!  We painted mustaches on a friend and then had a competition and Abby and I won....haha!!

Farrah's cousins had batting practice one night and Farrah has been begging to go "bat."  She was so fun to watch.  She thought she was pretty big stuff!  I can't believe she can start playing this fall.....WOW!!

We did have one downer to our week but Farrah is such a good sport you would have never know she didn't feel good.  She started coughing real bad and just kept getting worse.  So I took her in and the poor thing has bronchitis/pneumonia.  She has started breathing treatments three times a day.  The crazy thing is she still goes ninety miles and hour with a big smile on her face!!

James worked for his dad all weekend while they were out of town.  Farrah has figured out, when dad works all night that there's a spot for her in mommy's bed.  She has been asking for weeks when she gets to sleep in mommy's bed.  There is a reason why Farrah doesn't sleep in mommy's bed.  I got hit in the face so many times, but on the other side, I loved hearing her breath and "talk" in her sleep.

On Saturday we did a special workout for my birthday and after that we headed to the pool with friends.  We had so much fun just hanging out and swimming.  I have never seen Farrah swim so much with her face in the water.

It's been a wonderful start to summer 2013!!