Friday, March 1, 2013

February 18th-February 24th

This has been a crazy fun week!  This week was Farrah's birthday party week!

Monday, February 18th

I don't know about other mom's but I just love watching my child.  I'm always wondering what she is thinking and processing things.  On this day she saw a special needs kid and was very interested in her.  At food therapy we see quite a bit of special needs children and Farrah is so fast to jump up and help them....LOVE this about her!

Tuesday, February 19th
Farrah's getting to the age where she wants to help me clean house and I'm very thankful for her willing heart!  She loves dusting so that's her job....haha!

Wednesday, February 20th
Today was a special day!  My friend, Kelsey, had her baby!  They went the whole time without knowing the gender and we were all surprised it was a GIRL!!  Harper Jo Watts is one beautiful and precious girl!

Thursday, February 21st
I can tell Farrah is really grown up these days.  She is entertaining her self so much these days.

Friday, February 22nd
James has been working a lot here lately with church stuff and CHL stuff.  Farrah loves to rough house and I can only handle so much of this....James on the other hand LOVES to rough house!  I walked in and saw Farrah balancing on James' leg trying to touch the ceiling.  Some things a mom just doesn't need to see...haha!

Saturday, February 23rd
Today is Farrah's birthday party!!  Farrah and her friends had so much at her party!  Here is Jack and Farrah taking a magic carpet ride...haha!

Sunday, February 24th

I guess I forgot to take a picture on Sunday so I'll share another one this week.  I had a first for me this week....I tried sushi for the first time ever and I must say I'm not real sure what to think.  I think I need to try it again to see if it's a yes or no....

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