Friday, August 10, 2012

Playroom makeover!

Ever since we moved in our house 2 years ago, I've always had the idea to make our front bedroom a playroom.  What took me so long was finding the right color to paint this room.  This room is a playroom/office so it couldn't be to girly and I didn't want it to grown up either. 

After looking at color after color I finally decided to paint the room grey.  I had the hardest time finding the perfect grey because everything I tried was either silver or had a blue undertone and I just didn't like it.  After finding the perfect grey I was inspired and did the whole room in a day.

I had ordered some prints off of Zulily for the playroom half and recycled some other wall art I already had.  For the office side I used the art I've gotten over the years from Prague. 

I also recycled an old coffee table that I bought years ago at a garage sale.  My parents used this table for years and were done with it so I brought it back home.  It was sitting in my parents garage on its side and it just screamed at me saying "dress-up closet!"  I painted it black and added a "wallpaper" to the inside and it turned out so stinkin cute!  Farrah thinks it the best thing ever...haha! 

Here's the before...

Here's the after...

Farrah loved having her very own playroom but she has discovered she also has to clean that playroom....haha!  She's getting quite good about keeping it clean. 

I found these little chairs at Garden Ridge and they are so fun!  Farrah loves to sit and color and play "school" at this table and chairs.  I've really enjoyed playing with her and seeing her imagination take off! 

Two projects more to go! 

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