Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flower girl!!

This last Friday, Farrah had the honor of being a flower girl for Bethany and Boone!  She was PRECIOUS!!  I must admit I was really nervous.  i never know if Farrah is going to turn shy or if she will perform.

On Thursday, she was at the rehearsal and she was so funny.  I was telling her what she was going to do and she said "Ok!"  We had to work on it...she liked running down the isle instead of walking.  This wedding was outside and it was so pretty but when you have a girl that loves digging in the dirt and playing with all the sticks it becomes pretty funny! 

We had a talk about her being a "lady" and not playing in the dirt and that the tree limbs are not drum sticks.  She just looked at me with the funniest expression and said "Just a little stick??"  This girl makes me laugh!! 

When it was time for the wedding she was great!  She loved being with all the bridesmaids and thought she was just as big as them.  And I must say, they were GREAT with her.  They all played with her and loved on her and she LOVED it! 

Farrah walked down the isle like a champ and stood for a little bit up front.  I guess she got tired and went and sat with James.  It was a beautiful wedding and the new couple were so cute!

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