Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

This is my third Mother's Day!! I am so honored to be a mommy and truly blessed that God entrusted ME with Farrah. Being a mommy is one of the best things I have ever done and all the prayers we prayed for this girl to come is a dream come true! Yes, being a mommy is hard and there are days that Farrah has figured me out but all in all I know I have a job to raise my daughter to be a wonderful mommy and wife.

There are things that my mom taught me that I want to teach Farrah...

Like taking care of your children and being a good mommy.

Washing the dishes.

Doing laundry for your family.

Cooking a good meal for your family.

Never being to busy to stop and hug your momma.

But the most important thing my mom taught me was you need to be in God's word!

I just want to say to my own mom that you so much for teaching me all these things! I can remember washing dishes and cooking and doing laundry with you. Yes, you were teaching me how to be on my own but most importantly you were teaching me how to become a good wife and mom. Thank you for investing in me all these years and I just hope I can be a great mom and wife like you are!!

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