Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surprise 90th Birthday Party!

Today we celebrated my Meme's 90th Birthday! My Meme is truly one of the most amazing women I know and I am so honored to be apart of her!

I started planning this party about a month ago and have been so excited the entire time. My mom flew in my Great Aunt Ruth for my Meme's birthday. Ruth is the only living sibling my Meme has left. They haven't seen each other in 12 years!! We were so excited to have Ruth be apart of this celebration.

We had a pretty good turn out. My two Aunts and mom were there of the kids. My uncle is in the middle of ginning season in East Texas and just could not get away. It's funny cause I think he called like 10 times. I could tell he really wanted to be there! We had 6 of the 11 Grandchildren there and 15 of 25 the Great Grandchildren here.

Enough talking and here are the pictures!

Meme realizing the party was for her...I love her face expression!

Meme seeing Aunt Ruth.

My Aunt Glee and Aunt Gayla

Farrah was trying to throw a fit and it fizzled out with Missy took pictures of it. She did that a couple of times and Missy would start taking pictures and she would funny!

Farrah showing Brooke her toys. She loved Brooke and I think Brooke liked her too.

The amazing birthday matched the invites we had for her party.

The whole gang...well kinda.

Some of the grand kids.

Some of the great grand kids.

We had a great time today! We are blessed by such a wonderful grandmother and I loved being able to surprise her and just love on her. Happy 90th Birthday Meme...We love you tons!!

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