Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls being girls...

Our church started a ladies bible study a couple of weeks ago. Its the Beth Moore study "Ester, It's Tough Being a Woman." We've only been going the last two weeks and it is already so powerful! It's really got me thinking about being a woman and how I think the way I think and to know that it's totally normal. Well normal for this girl anyways. Beth talked about being comfortable in our own skin. All the hormones and finding balance between family and work and friends and then yielding to not only our husbands but to any authority figures whether it be at work or the government. And then this week Beth talked about tragedy. Ester did not have a mother or a father and was raised by her male cousin who was not married aswell as how God chose Ester.

Now that I have Farrah in my life I think about the what if...what happens if something happened to me or to both James and I. How would Farrah be taken care of? So I don't want to think about that, but Beth made some really good points. Who teaches girls to be a lady? Her momma. Who plays house with the children? Momma. Who eats from their child's hand not knowing where that hand has been? Momma. When Farrah first arrived I was so worried about my house and I thought it would never be clean again. I had Farrah at my mom's office one day and I was telling some of the ladies that mom works with this "problem" about my house never being clean and all the ladies told me "Your house will be clean in twenty years. Hold you baby now because you will turn around and she will be grown and out of the house." They told me they cleaned way to much and didn't play enough. So after that it got me to thinking. We waited for Farrah for so long and I want to cherish every bit of her being this little. She has already grown so fast, so if she wants me to hold her all day long I will. I can clean when she naps. When I get paged at church with her number I will happily go and get her because she wants her mommy. I will not sweat the small things in life and I am choosing to "play" and not clean.

Beth also talked about how women treat other women. How we get excited that our closest friend gains five pounds and we are so happy!! That is horrible but I'm just as guilty as the next. I found out that this starts with me. I don't have a great self image about myself. We took a picture before the Tech game and I look at the picture and could not find one good thing to say about myself! So the challenge this week for the bible study is to stop sizing up ladies but to encourage them! Find something precious about every lady you come in contact with. So I started today and you know its a choice to think this way. It was so much fun finding a positive about a lady. For some reason its hard for me to voice that to my friends but I want to be known as a girl who finds the good in everybody. Not for the girl who talks badly about people because I know I don't want to be friends with people like that.

So all you ladies who have made a difference in my life, THANK YOU!! To all my friends and family you mean the world to me! Mom thank you for teaching me how to be a lady and playing house with me and Shawna and eating all of our Easy Bake Oven cakes!!

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The Curry's said...

Love this post. I think judging ourselves and others is one of every woman's greatest challenges! I hope to become better at being only positive also, thanks for the challenge!