Saturday, April 21, 2012

Funny Farrah!

Here lately Farrah has started really showing her personality. This girl is a riot!! We laugh at her everyday and with being so funny also comes a very tender heart!

Three has not been the easiest with all the testing but Farrah is making it a little easier with making us laugh. It just amazes me how God knows me and James so well. We love to laugh and play and that is exactly what Farrah is. Every night when I pray over Farrah that is the first thing I thank God for....that she is a joy and a blessing and thanking Him for her laugh (it's my favorite!)

Here are a couple of things she's up to lately...

When I tell Farrah I love you she responds in "I too, Mommy." I really hope this never changes!

She has started randomly saying I love you mommy and its always perfect makes me stop and smile at her and I think my heart will explode!

Farrah is very concerned with every one's feelings but at times I have to wonder cause she can blow someone off in two seconds. It's usually someone who won't pay her any attention or being mean to someone else. I've seen her stand up for her little friends and it makes me one proud Momma!

Every night when we pray she always asks to pray for her friends....Madi, PeyPey, Maci, Ava, Molly and Jack. It's the sweetest thing! And she won't let me forget them either. If I do she is quick to say "Mommy, pray for my friends!" Love it!!

James and I argue who gets to put Farrah to bed cause that is when she really wants to cuddle and talk. We climb in her bed and read her a book and that's when we have our best talks...its usally about friends, God and how her day went. It truly is a precious time!

She is all about purses and play jewelry right now. This girl can pack a purse!

When Farrah has her mind made up there is no changing it....just like her daddy! Haha!! (Totally kidding! If you know me at all....well then you know).

I've really started seeing her do what mommy does. If I'm wearing flip flops she wants to wear hers and if she can't she will melt so fast...She tells me "I want to be just like you, mommy." It's a lot of pressure but good pressure for me. I'm really aware of how I dress and what comes out of my mouth cause I know she is watching!

I could go on and on but I will save some for a later post..haha!

Love my Farrah girl!

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