Friday, July 29, 2011

July 4th...whoops!

So I was looking through my pictures and realized I never blogged about 4th of July and I want to remember Farrah at this age so here we go. Last 4th of July we were stuck inside because of all the rain we were getting, and this year we are inside because of the heat...haha!

My whole family was in town for 4th of July this year, and I couldn't tell you the last time this happened! So needless to say we were very excited. We started off with the parade on Broadway and had fun. This was the perfect day, and we had some great weather for once this year. It was an overcast morning which made it perfect for the parade.

Farrah was really into the parade this year, and it was really fun watching her. Just seeing new things through her eyes makes my heart happy! She really soaked up the sounds and sights of the parade, and waved her little heart out at everyone who walked by. At one point someone walked up to us and gave Farrah a flag, and she was so excited but the only bad part was that the flag became a weapon. So you had to really watch out when she started waving her flag (just makes me smile watching her).

After the parade we were off to a cookout and swimming at our house and we always love that! We would much rather have people at our home than wrestle Farrah for an hour at a restaurant...haha! After lunch we let the kids loose in the pool and it was crazy for awhile. It really amazes me with having older nieces and nephews on both sides of our family, and how they all really look out for Farrah. We are truly blessed with amazing nieces and nephews and Farrah is CRAZY about each and every one of them!

Another great July 4th! We are so proud to live in the US and are very thankful for each and every service man and woman!

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