Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun things with Farrah!

Farrah is getting so big and I don't want to forget all the fun stuff Farrah is doing so this post is just for me.

Farrah, you have the most loving little heart and it just makes me smile when we see it in action. I love when we are with friends or family you will just go up to someone and give them a great big hug! It brings a great big smile to that person and I like to think that that was just what they needed that day was a Farrah give great hugs!

Every morning you get up and get dressed and your daddy sees you for the first time he always whistles at you and says "Hey Beautiful!" This morning I was putting your hair in pig tails and you looked in the mirror and did a "whistle" to yourself. It was the funniest thing to watch. I always hope you will see yourself that way!

We saw your Lula this week and when we were telling her bye she would say love you and you would say bye. You would never say love you only bye. Then we put you in the car and Lula would say love you and you would say bye...this happened like 20 times. We were driving down the street and you and Lula were doing your "thing" all the way down the street. It was so funny!

You love to dance! When a song comes on you always say Mom and start dancing. Then I have to join in the dancing. If daddy is in the car he has to dance as well. You won't let anyone not dance. LOVE IT!!

You are catching on to phrase we say. i guess I say "whew" a lot. I have caught myself saying it and that's where you got it.

At Christmas we drove to look at Christmas lights and daddy had a coke he was drinking. You would say momma coke and I said mommy doesn't have a coke. You sat there and thought for a minute and said daddy's coke! Of course your daddy couldn't turn that down so he gave you a drink and said...Aha I need coke! We laughed about that forever!

Farrah you are getting so big and are so much fun! I can't wait to see your next "Farrah sayings" are going to be!

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