Monday, July 27, 2009

Family, Friends and Fun!!

This weekend was busy!! We started out on Friday with a pool party for our college ministry. James and I will help out again this year with the newly married. We had a great time just visiting and eating. Two things I do best! Then on Saturday we headed to Lamesa. I had cousins in town from Houston that I hadn't seen in over two years. They had heard all about Farrah and really wanted to meet her so Farrah and I headed to Lamesa to see my Meme and cousins. We had a great time and of course Farrah put on a show for them. She smiled the entire time and they were amazed that she is this happy all the time. Meme, which is Farrah's great-grandmother, was very excited to see her. I think Meme was surprised how big Farrah has gotten.

Then Sunday we just had a day of rest and it was great! We really needed that. We took Farrah to swim and this time she loved it! The last couple of times she cried and I was worried about this because both of our families love the water and I want Farrah to love the water as much as we do.

My cousin Nita. Hopefully someday soon we will get to meet her two grandchildren!! We are trying to plan for the end of the year to take a trip and go see Nita and her family in Houston.

The best Meme ever!!

Like my bikini? Posing with my friend Madison.


Laura said...

I love her bikini!!!! :) So cute!!! We were sad we missed out on the pool party. We were out of town this weekend!! Glad y'all had fun! :)

mandal said...

CUte Cute!! I can't believe summer is almost over. We do need to take a couples camping trip!! Fun!! We really should go eat sometime soon:)