Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer coming to an end...

We've had a very slow summer and it's been wonderful!  We didn't go anywhere big on vacation this year.  This year we stayed home and tied up loose ends, like building a new house and James finishing up one job and starting a new job.

We played at the park a lot this summer.

Farrah loved swimming lessons this year!  She can swim all my herself!  She thinks she's big enough to not wear a life jacket but I'm not quite ready for that part just yet....maybe next summer.

Some friends and I went to the Coach Kingsberry coaching clinic for women and we had a BLAST!!

We even enjoyed some much needed rain here in Lubbock!

Uncle Lance took Farrah on a turtle hunt....there are a lot of turtles in their back yard.

We're building a new house!!!

I took Farrah on her very first ropes course and she LOVED it!

We did LOTS of swimming.

We enjoyed music and a movie in the park.

We had the pleasure of going to see Meme.

But my favorite part of the summer was learning to slow down and enjoy the sunsets!

Another great summer and I can't believe my baby is going to Pre-K!!!

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